Vendor2U is passionate in the healing powers of cannabis and the idea that natural methods of relieving pain, stress, and creating some relaxation and enjoyment are among the immediate positive signs of cannabis consumption.

Our local delivery company is here so that other locals can experience the benefits of safe, and effective non-pharmaceutical remedies. We formed an preeminent cannabis delivery service here in the San Francisco Bay Area to bring you only the finest premium cannabis products from responsible and respected cultivators. At Vendor2U, it is our duty to ensure a professional delivery right to your doorstep!

We’re humbled to be one of the select few companies that have been approved to serve California’s recreational market, and that we can introduce the wonders of stress-free cannabis consumption to a wider audience other than to those who hold medical recommendation.

What seperates us from the pack, is that our products are grown, extracted or developed using only environmentally sensitive methods, after that they are then lab tested for optimal safety and comfort. Don’t worry, our concern for quality doesn’t end there.

We store our products in humidified, temperature-controlled environments to ensure the greatest consistency, moisture content, and freshness. We regard cannabis as a designer bag, and we want the world to experience this designer cannabis in the most beneficial form.